KIT Strip led - 300 LED White + MULTICOLOUR (5 meters) - WIFI Smart


KIT 60 Strip Led per meter type 5050 not waterproof (IP20)

Multicolored RGB and cold white

in reels of 5 meters

WIFI Smart Home

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  • 2 year guaranteed product - CE certificate 2 year guaranteed product - CE certificate
  • Shipping via courier Shipping via courier
  • Returned goods within 1 week of receipt Returned goods within 1 week of receipt

Kit composed of: 

- RGB LED strip (not waterproof), 

- controller 

- power supply (12VDC)

This complete kit ready to use with an LED strip, a WIFI controller and power supply with mains plug.

This LED strip consumes just 10W and is able to develop a luminous intensity of 1000 Lumens.

Its cold white light (6400K) will give a psychophysical well-being thanks to its resemblance to daylight which will allow you to work or study with more concentration.

Also equipped with multi-color RGB LEDs, it allows you to create plays of light for parties or to relax with the CHROMOTHERAPY, all controlled by a simple APP for SMARTPHONE.

Built on a flexible or rigid base, its shape allows light radiation of 120 °.

Guaranteed 2 years and with a duration of 20000 hours it is an excellent solution in any context ranging from simple dwellings to hotels and restaurants to illuminate veils or create scenic effects.

It is also possible to cut it at the pre-printed points at a distance of about 3/5 cm.

The V-tac products with Smart Light system can be controlled directly from your smartphone, thus creating a unique and distinctive atmosphere without the installation of additional control units.

Thanks to the use of wireless technology it is possible to communicate between the various devices without any physical connection, all with a simple touch on the phone screen.

The V-Tac Smart Light application, available for both iOS and Android, allows control of the settings of all connected devices.

Furthermore these products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home systems, thus activating all the functions by voice.


Data sheet

~10W per metro ( ~50W per 5 metri)
Luminous flux
720Lm per metro
Beam angle
12Vdc 3A
LED per meter
Strip length
5 mt
Cutting signs
Every 5 cm ( 3 led )
Water resistant
✘ No

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