Economical Safire presence control with 2.4" color screen, biometric fingerprint reader, proximity reader for EM cards / keychains and access via password or combination with the keyboard.

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SAFIRE PRESENCE CONTROL WITH FINGERPRINT READER, EM CARD AND KEYBOARD. Safire expands its product range. This last device joins the second generation video door phone systems, making Safire one of the most stable and complete security systems on the market. The devices are of superior quality and at a very competitive price. With Safire it is possible to carry out small installations to meet the regulations for attendance control or even more demanding installations thanks to facial recognition models, operating up to 3 meters away. As for the technical features, they all have a 2.4 "TFT color screen, from which it is possible to select the presence modes. The form of identification takes place through PIN, RFID radiofrequency card and biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition). Furthermore, Safire devices can communicate via TCP / IP both via network cable and via WiFi. Not forgetting that for offline installations, data can be exported via PenDrive.


Many of the attendance control terminals also have an integrated controller, so they have a relay output to open doors when reading is performed. These hybrid devices make it possible to optimize access and attendance installation. As for the software, Safire Control Center AC , is free and intended exclusively for access control, attendance and video door entry. In the attendance section, it allows you to configure schedules, establish overtime, assign different schedules for departments or users, report justified absences and obtain different types of reports.

What characterizes Safire software is the ability to adapt to different types of companies with regard to break times. These can be configured in different ways, adapting to the policy of each company. For example, you can set up a configuration so that your lunch break is automatically discounted every day. Or you can configure different types of breaks that depending on the time and duration are automatically assigned to a category. In conclusion, the Safire attendance check comes with a free and very powerful software, with biometric reading devices considered to be of the highest quality. A complete system that adapts both to the small company and to a project of large multinations, so that the time control is adaptable to any circumstance and at the same time easy to use.


Identification Mode: Fingerprint EM Card Pin and combinations

RS485 USB TCP / IP communication ports

Capacity: Up to 1,000 fingerprints / EM cards (Per 10 per user)

Records: 100,000 records and 50,000 attendance records

Inputs: None

Releases: None

Voltage: 12V DC

Power: 12 W

Dimensions: L = 140 X H = 155 X P = 30 mm

Degree of protection: IP20

Warranty: 3 YEARS


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