2 wire video door phone kit with TOUCH 7 "display and 1.3 Megapixel recessed outdoor station with IP technology for Android and I APP

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The double wire Dahua solution, allows to use the common cables already present based on 2 cables (2 WIRE SYSTEM) to integrate an advanced video surveillance system. This is possible thanks to a system that allows to bring the IP signal on 2 wires exactly as it happens for the conveyed waves systems, so it will be sufficient to equip the VTO2000A-2 and the VTNC3000A (included in the kit) and then bring the external signal on any internal VTH1550CHW-2 workstation. We suggest to view the diagram among the images that graphically makes the operation of this type of solution for the integrated video door entry system
Dahua videointercoms are a last generation solution able to meet all the needs that can be requested in the field of security of video door entry systems for the protection of private or condominium contexts, which, as already happened for the video surveillance sector, require a superior quality recognition and ease of management for the user, allowing management and vision of the system even from a distance.
Thanks to these needs, Dahua, world leader in the production of CCTV products, has created the first Video Door Phone products based on IP network technologies and Bifilar systems. The advantages in using this technology are many, in all we point out the possibility of reaching both common internal and remote stations, operating on IP, present in many aesthetic lines, and remote mobile systems, with the sole use of Dahua's mobile APP they can receive the call of the intercom user on their mobile phone. The entire Dahua door phone system is completely ONVIF for video transmission, thus becoming integrated into video surveillance systems and therefore making it possible to record what happens both on the SD card, directly in the workstation, and on NVR.

OUR KIT include:

  • Flush-mount box for DHI-VTO2000A

Model Number: VTOB107

  • 2-Wire IP Indoor Monitor

> 7" TFT Capacitive touch screen

> IPC surveillance(VTNC3000A needed)

> Alarm integration

> Micro SD card optional, max 32GB

> Record & Snapshot(SD card needed) 


Model Number: VTNC3000A

  • Flush Mounted Box for VTO2000A
  • Power supply for VTNS1060A (model VTP2406)

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