B11 Intrusion alarm kit with GSM dialer + fixed line and display in MULTIPLE LANGUAGE

  • 2 year guaranteed product - CE certificate 2 year guaranteed product - CE certificate
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Theft Protection Intrusion alarm kit with GSM dialer and land line is a version with all possible intrusion alarms to create an alarm system for a home. Thanks to the double carrier you have the certainty that the call arrives both in case of GSM signal masking, or in case of telephone cable cut. It does not require particular skills, and can be installed by anyone thanks to the wireless system and the display with menu in ITALIAN, without the need for professional installers.

In particular, this solution allows activation for specific zones or groups of sensors, thus choosing the area to be protected, for example at night.

Furthermore, thanks to the management with RFID, it allows the system to be deactivated by third parties by notifying the deactivation via SMS

Activation and deactivation via telephone with free application download.

• Suitable for houses, apartments and offices, shops also on several floors

• Safe, CE certified and without false alarms

• Great expandability: supports up to 50 wireless sensors

• Possibility to add sensors and detectors for any need

• Programming to enable single areas / zones (up to 50) or sensor

• Ability to define 50 zones + 10 remote controls and 50 RFID

• Range up to 80 meters in the absence of obstacles


• Processor: ARM + Auror CPU

• Supports up to 10 remote controls and 50 RFID Tags / Cards

• Supports up to 50 wireless detectors

• Supports up to 50 zones (9 customizable zones)

• Supports 2 sensors with wires and 1 siren with wires

• Supports 1 electronic lock

• Up to 1,000,000 RF combinations

• Communications via GSM cellular network

• Store up to 5 numbers for emergency SMS

• Store up to 5 numbers for emergency calls

• Stores 1 SMS number for RFID notification

• Possibility to make phone calls from the control panel

• Record 1 voice memo

• Delayed entry and entry

• Low battery notification of the sensors

• Activation and deactivation of alarm from SMS or telephone

• Check system status from SMS

• Remote monitoring of the environment

• Two 700mA Lithium batteries to guarantee 15 hours of stand-by

• Notification of interruption and restoration of power supply and

• Low battery indication of the control panel


• 1 x GSM Touch Alarm System + PSTN / SMS / RFID

• 1 x Door / Window Sensor DWC102

• 1 x PIR910 Motion Sensor

• 2 x RC80 remote controls

• 2 x RFID key tag

• 1 x 12 V DC power supply

• 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries

• Installation Guide