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Safire launches into the market a new and revolutionary range of XVR Universales 5N1 video recorders, guaranteed for its proven quality and reliability. This new range of video recorders is characterized by various technological advances that substantially differentiate it from previous versions, as well as from the rest of the competition.

The revolution: XVR Universales 5N1 video recorders

Previously, when choosing a VCR, the big limitation was having to opt for one of the existing HD technologies. Now, the range of Safire XVR video recorders exceeds this limit, as they are the first on the market to support all current technologies.


HD up to 1080p | HDTVI up to 3MP

Video quality and resolution have evolved.
The built-in models range from 4 to 32 channels, within the range of 3 series with different resolutions.
Naturally, they are available in versions with and without alarm to meet every need:
• 3 / 3A Series: 720p / 1080p Lite REAL TIME Real time on all models, without restrictions.
• 6 / 6A Series: 1080p NON-REAL TIME | 720p / 1080p Lite REAL TIME The first option with 1080p quality.
• 8A Series: 3MP NON-REAL TIME / 1080p REAL TIME High resolution that breaks the Full HD barrier.

The determining factor: H.264 + compression

Historically, video surveillance inherited H.264 compression from the film industry in order to reduce the necessary resources and facilitate installation. The new Smart Code H.264 + applies specific CCTV concepts, where the images are much more static than in the cinema, allowing an average saving of 50% compared to H.264. This translates into reduced costs for storage and bandwidth required for transmission over the Internet.

4K video resolution

Versatility is the best resource for monitoring and Safire XVR covers all the possibilities, configurable BNC Spot video outputs to be reused with existing monitors, for HDMI models with 4K resolutions to exploit the full power of the new generation screens.

Up to 1 Km of range for each coaxial cable

Not only were we able to leave the limits of technology and resolution behind us, but also to have the new 3.0 high definition as well as coaxial versions, allowing a much higher video transmission range.

Easier installations: Power-over-Coax (PoC)

Without transmitting video, audio and data signals through the same coaxial cable there was already a considerable simplification, now the installations are reduced to a minimum thanks to the addition of the power supply for the coaxial cable (PoC). Absolutely everything on a single cable.

A plus of intelligence: Video Analysis

Complementing all these new features, the entire range of recorders includes an intelligent video content analysis (VCA): Crossing lines, intrusion in the area and audio exception. Also, with camera maintenance in mind, they incorporate a video quality diagnostic system (VQD) to identify gaps in brightness, color or focus of a camera. Similar to motion detection, both functions can generate configurable events and warnings, such as storing images in the most common Cloud services: Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive.

Powerful and easy remote access

As far as remote access is concerned, Safire satisfies all users. The Safire Control Software and App offer great features, on the other hand, Safire EasyView combines simplicity and ease of use. A special mention goes to its rapid configuration by scanning the QR Code using the P2P Safire EasyConnect platform.